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kurs na żeglarza dla cudzoziemców

 Individual sailing courses in english. 

 Individual sailing courses in english. 
  Lake Zegrze near Warsaw. Any time throughout the season.

There is a possibility to take an exam after completing the course and obtain polish sailing license (Inland Skipper Certificate). The exam is organized by the Polish Yachting Association (PYA).

At our Academy of Sailing course a certified, personal instructor, a yacht and equipemnt will be at your disposal. The curriculum of the courses includes practical instruction of boat handling and manouvering and lots of practical exercises. Training is conducted both on a small sports dinghy and on a typical cruising yacht to prepare our students to handle different types of boats. Practical aspects are the main part of the course but we provide our students with the thorough theoretical background, tests and handouts as well.Practical training includes: safety procedures, knots and rope handling, basic manouvres (tacking, gybing), 'man over board’ procedure, berthing manouvres, both under sail and under power. Theory includes: emergency procedures, sailing provisions (rules of the road), pilotage and basics of the aerodynamics and meteorology. Our curriculum is prepared in compliance with official PYA guidelines

  • Location – The Academy of Sailing base at Lake Zegrze, WDW Rynia Marina, Białobrzegi.
  • Time – individually agreed with your instructor (preferably weekends but single days as well), every day of training starts not until 8.30 a.m. and ends no later than 8.00 p.m. or at the dusk, one day includes 8 hours of training and 1 hour lunch break
  • Duration – differs from 6 to 10 days depending on how many students attend the course
  • Yachts – Omega-class dinghies and Fortuna-class cruising yachts – see our yachts

For any further information or to make all necessary arrangements concerning our courses, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will meet you at the marina on appointed day.

Contact details:phone: + e-mail:

We strongly advice you to take with you:

  • a waterproof set of clothes (trousers, high collar jacket with a hood, non-slip shoes)
  • non-slip shoes (don’t take sandals or flip-flops)
  • some warm clothes
  • a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • a bottle of water and a snack
  • waterproof bag to carry your documents, mobile phone etc.

We advice you to have an additional set of clothes left at the marina – just in case you get wet.

How to get to our base from Warsaw:

1. via Modlinska St (Route 61) – there are two roundabouts, on each of them you need to take the 1 st exit – thus you will get to Legionowo – drive through the town and after about 12 km you’ll find yourself at Zegrze, 2. via Siekierkowski Bridge – Marsa St. – Zolnierska St (route 631) – through a wood (about 18 km) to Nieporet where you cross the Kings Canal – at the roundabout just after that take 2 nd exit onto lakeshore drive – at the next roundabout take 1 st exit towards Zegrze, 3. via Solidarnosci Alley – through Marki until you pass a church on the right and see a bridge – turn left onto route 631 to Nieporet and Zegrze (which, in fact, means that you have to turn RIGHT and then RIGHT once again to get onto the bridge), 4. via Polczynska St (along the Kings Canal) take Modlinska St – turn right just after the BP gas station – drive straight to Nieporet – at the roundabout on the lakeshore take 3 rd exit onto lakeshore drive – at the next roundabout take 1 st exit towards Zegrze. No matter which of the routes listed above you choose, finally you’re going to get to the bridge at Zegrze – turn right onto the very first road after the bridge and drive straight about 900 m until you pass skaters playground. Turn right and drive down the hill towards the gate of the WDW Rynia marina.